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Job searching is NEVER a numbers game!

Job searching is NEVER a numbers game!

I heard some candidates sent over 1,000 CVs. Please take a break!!

Searching for a job is not your full-time job, also it’s not a sales role…

Sending more CVs doesn’t mean & NOT equal to more opportunities.

Because you are doing it in the wrong way, please think about it…

If your CV is good, you should have Interviews. Correct?

So why you sent 1000 CVs but still no response? There must be something wrong!

I understand sending More CVs should increase your chances…

But searching for a job needs planning!

Searching for a job needs a strategy!

Searching for a job needs creativity!

You should change the approach and learn something new!

Agree? Who is with me?

I do have a SYSTEM that can guide you to secure more Interviews.

Do you want to know? And it’s FREE!!

I like to share & help more job seekers in this crisis.

If you are interested to learn more, please do:

- Like or share this post

- Follow Keith LAU for more Career Advice in the future

- Type: "FREE" in the comment, so I know how to send you the link

I can't help everyone, this is Only for those who are COMMITTED!

If this is you, send me a Direct Message to discuss your personalized career needs.


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