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Jack Ma - How to Hire Someone?

Jack Ma - How to Hire Someone?

There's one judge. Look at the young man...

"If you think he will be your boss or my boss in five years, hire him!"

So during Interview, you will always be asked: "

Where do you expect yourself to be in 5-year time?"

The answer is: I want to be your boss!

No interviewer expects candidates to be able to describe exactly what they will be.

But they are interested to understand more about your career goals.

They want to know how can you fit into the position and the organization.

You must understand people want to hire someone who are passionate.

Who is truly excited about the role and sees it as a great career move.

The company needs to invest time, money and effort and it's a tough decision for them.

They have to know whether this is the unique opportunity that you want.

Hiring managers don't want and not their routine job duties to hire, recruit and train new people!

They don't want to make the hiring decision but you leave within probation.

And do you want to learn more Interview Tips & Questions? How to Get Any Jobs?

I have a 5-Steps System and Masterclass, if you are interested please:

Send me a Direct Message to ask for the enrollment details.

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser #nextRoles #humanresources #management #careers

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