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Is customize your CV a waste of time?

Is customize your CV a waste of time?

How many versions of your resume do you need?

I have many candidates asking for these types of questions and they were creating several versions of CVs.

Then they ask me when and how they should use it, would it be possible to add more keywords so can pass through the ATS.

No, you don’t have to customize your CV or resume for every application.

CV is a written document summarizing your previous employment history, education, and other pertinent information.

I’ve seen a lot of advice suggesting that you must customize your job application every single time.

Honestly, are you able to do it? Do you have time?

Unless you are changing industries, changing levels, changing careers, changing employment status or whatever, you should consider customizing a bit.

If you are pursuing a few different roles but they are all related to one disciple or field, I don’t think there is a need or reason why you should need multiple CVs or versions.

Ask Me more questions related to your career, CV and Interview skills, job search direction and strategy.

I am happy to help or make a video to answer that.

Do connect with me as I helped more than 450 people found their ideal nextRoles. (I’ll accept anyone)


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