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Interviewer: You are Hired! How soon can you join?

Interviewer: You are Hired! How soon can you join?

Candidate: I have a three-month notice period, so it will be difficult to join before that

Interviewer: We need someone to work for us next week

Candidate: Ok I will try to negotiate it and manage to join next week

Interviewer: Great... And don't worry you won't face the same issues here

Candidate: Oh! Why? May I know is there no notice period here?

Interviewer: No, in fact, we have a 3 month non-negotiable notice period.

This is to ensure that you can't manage such things even if you want to or payment in lieu of notice.

Candidate: ... ...

Interviewer: Congratulations! Here is your employment contract and please sign within 5 minutes.

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