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Interviewer: Tell me something which is not there in your CV!

Interviewer: Tell me something which is not there in your CV!

Me: According to LinkedIn, I can find out your boss's name, called: Peter... and by the way, he is my Father!

Interviewer: ... ...

Me: ... ...

Interviewer: Ok, let's just stick to the CV!

haha... Wednesday Jokes! But the truth is…

Please remember to Tell the Interviewer something NOT in your CV!!

In addition, do you know how to handle "Tell me about yourself?" when asked?

Or some other Common or Difficult Interview questions??

Most likely they want to test your core skills, competence, and behavior.

And to evaluate if you are able to do the job and handle a similar situation.

If you have bad experiences or failed some Interviews recently…

Perhaps you need some help? I do have a Live, Free Tactical Workshop tomorrow…

Topic - 5 Steps to Get Any Jobs in Interview and Secure Offer in 1 Attempt!

If you are interested to know more and to receive a link to enroll it…

Please do the following:

- Follow Keith LAU – Your Recruitment Adviser

- Like or reshare this post

- Comment: “Interview” so that I know how to send you the link

See you soon and I can't wait to empower all of you!

#jobseekers #interviewtips #humanresources #hiringandpromotion #careers

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