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Interviewer: Tell me about yourself!!

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself!!

Candidate: Sure Sir! No offense, can you also tell me a bit about me?

Interviewer: WHAT?!

Candidate: I mean before calling me for an interview you should have gone through my resume, so you might know a bit about me. I will tell you more about me beyond that, so no point in repeating something you already know.

Interviewer: No... being very busy, no time to read all resumes.

Candidate: Then... on what basis called me for #jobinterviews?

Interviewer: To save time, we select 20 #jobseekers randomly...

Candidate: Do you know ??

When you call 100 CVs for 1 post, 100 hopes are attached with... You have broken 80 hopes without giving any chances!

When you call 20 for interviews, hopes of 20 families started taking birth...

But now you only ask 2-3 random questions and then reject them. Please don't take me otherwise, but I want to let you know...

You are not willing to waste 10 mins. for 1 CV, but you can easily waste a full day of 20 people and hope of 100 families.

Thank you Sir, I reject you and your company!!

A humble request to all #recruiters, to specify all major criteria's of job, salary and read CVs properly!

Don't play with hopes. Thank you!~


Keith LAU - Your Recruitment and LinkedIn Adviser


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