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If you want to have Career Success - Quick 10 Tips!!

If you want to have Career Success - Quick 10 Tips!!

1. Take Initiative to learn, change, and adapt to technological development

2. Have ownership in your career development path

3. Anticipate the needs and what you need to equip; Life-long learning

4. Communicate Well and able to work well with other people

5. Set your career goals and achieve it; always raise & set high standards

6. Take massive actions and work on it

7. Provide value and solutions to others, gain trust with others

8. Be compassionate, approachable and follow instructions from your boss

9. Aware of your strengths and your interests

10. Networking and connect with other people

You should develop your personal brands and build a great resume/profile!

If you are interested to learn more - How to Have A successful career!

We have 1.5 hrs Free Webinar from Guest Speaker: Thomas De Brun

He has 30 years experience and is senior Corporate Solutions Trainer from Dale Carnegie

Interested, please do the following:

- Follow Me for Career Advice

- Like and Share this post

- Comment: Success

I will then send you the link for the registration.

For my 2nd or 3rd connection, please send me a DM so that I can reply to you.


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