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I've invested USD2388 to launch my Membership Site!

I've invested USD2388 to launch my Membership Site!

Do you know why I do this, even during this crisis?

The reason is simple, I want to provide the BEST services and content to all my friends.

I have to respect all my 150+ paid customers & automate the whole program delivery.

In this Membership site, you'll find the following information:

- My New Book: Find Your Ideal hashtag#nextRoles in A Month! (selling at Amazon at USD29.99)

- My 30 Days "Get Back to Work" Program along with ALL my Zoom Group Coaching Calls

- You can Watch ALL my masterclass and download ALL the toolkit provided by me!

- Not only that, I'll upload new videos, tips & post to help you & hand-holding you!

I started my LinkedIn presence in Dec 2019 & Never think that I can help people around the world.

If you want to know more and explore my Membership area, just join any one of my programs.

You can start with my 30-day program, my Career Assessment Program or Schedule a 25 mins Session with me to start!

Looking forward to partner with you. Interested? Please do the following:

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for career advice

- Like & Share this post

- Comment: START

Let me know what can I help you & send me a Direct Message.

I can't wait to add value to you!


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