I seldom post any endorsement, successful story from people who paid my services.

I seldom post any endorsement, successful story from people who paid my services.

I feel embarrassed, it seems not proper as people can check my LinkedIn recommendation.

But my friend - Brian Golod & James Fok always encouraged me to do so.

I also received my friends called & ask me how's going for this online thing.

Well, I'm still learning, trying to help people & it's not an impressive amount yet.

But I did reach the mark of 100 customers since Dec 2019 when I get started.

Apart from the Career Assessment, Masterclass and Review CV & LinkedIn Program.

I do have Coaching & other people paid by PayPal which I didn't capture here.

But here is the thing, it proves that building Online Business is possible.

No matter how small the revenue, you can still add value to people in need.

What you need to do is extract your knowledge, expertise, and passion, then package it.

And you need to try your best to provide valuable content & solve their problems.

If you are interested to learn more about how to utilize LinkedIn to do Online Business.

I have a Masterclass for you & share with you everything I did and learned.

Please do the following:

- Like this post

- Comment "Online"

- Send me a DM & notify me

I'll send you more details afterward.

Keith Lau #nextRoles #careers

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