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I'm surprised why my Student can find a job within One Week!

I'm surprised why my Student can find a job within One Week!

YES, because he applied my ATS-Compliant Resume Template.

I taught him everything regarding his CV and why it's not good.

I had a consultation session with him and identified the CV issues!

I share my Professional Resume Template that can bypass ATS!!

I wrote it for my candidate despite industry, country & level of experience.

Before that, his CV was not impressive, applied for jobs for many months but in vain.

From No one contacted him, he can now fill the calendar full with Interviews.

From Never received a single interview, he was contacted by Global 500 companies.

Later on, he was hired by a listed company and I think his CV can do the selling.

I'm so happy that My ATS-Compliant Resume Template gets certain attention.

Because this CV can present your story & glory about what you do.

If you want the link of my Resume Template, please do:

1- Like this post & write a comment "RESUME" below

2- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

3- Share this post for others to benefit

Completed the steps, I will send the link to you!

It's great to share knowledge as I can't do every "1 on 1"

Send me a direct message if you need any personalized help.

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