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I’m a Fresher, can you do it for FREE?

I’m a Fresher, can you do it for FREE?

I’m poor and unemployed, can you do it for FREE?

Basically, I have no money (to purchase), can you do it for FREE?

Can you tell me some more creative “excuses” that you’ve heard before?

So that you can ask someone for FREE services?

What’s the result? Is this OK?

For example, I promised to pay for you AFTER I have found a job.

Or… I’m only able to afford 2 rows of Oreo for 2 days!!

Comment below… 👇

If your reason is really creative, I will help you to Review your CV for FREE (my program is USD147).

If you want to achieve your goals, pay for that!

If you don’t want to achieve your goals, don’t pay for that!

Basically, don’t ask for FREE!!

NOW! I want to provide something for you for FREE!

You can download my Resume Checklist, if you only want FREE stuff, please:

- Like this post

- Comment: FREE

- Follow Keith LAU – Your Recruitment Adviser

(You will have lots of FREE Career Advice in the future!)

I will send you the FREE link and details.

Follow #nextRoles hashtag and visit nextRoles page too!

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