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I left the office at 5pm (even though other people leave the office at 9pm)

I left the office at 5pm (even though other people leave the office at 9pm)

I arrive office at 9:30am (even though other people arrive office at 8:30am)

Why Not? As long as I achieved my targets!

I don't need to pretend to work and impress my boss with how hard I work.

Work is measured by quality, not the number of hours, correct?

As long as I can deliver what I need to and keep the business growing!!

As a leader, what you can do is to build an open and transparent culture.

No one should hide their personal life at work, or apologize for it.

If you need to send your kids to school and only can arrive office at 9:30am.

Go for it.

In case if you need to leave early to take care of sick family members...

Go for it.

You don't need to lie and say I had a client meeting or a doctor's appointment.

We are all human and let's be real about our lives!

What do you think?

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