I am giving away my USD147 Coaching Session for FREE (for 100 participants only)

I am giving away my USD147 Coaching Session for FREE (for 100 participants only)

Every week on Saturday at 11pm, I'll answer your questions & help you to get back to work!

And I received a lot of good feedback from My 30 Days FREE Program.

What you need is to LIKE my Facebook Page & Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Just over 1 night, I do have more than 100 Likes on Facebook & 70 Subscribers on YouTube!

If you want to learn how to find your ideal #nextRoles in 30 days, please follow my LIVE & Video.

Because I believe it is the right time for me to help everyone out during the tough times.

Coming Group Coaching Call via Zoom on tomorrow (Apr 4, 2020) for 40 mins

I'll also be sharing what are the creative ways to change jobs without applying in 2020.

Also, I develop a career change checklist to help you to Think about what to do:

- If you are suddenly unemployed due to #Coronavirus outbreak

- If you are looking for a change as you are affected by #Covid19

- If you are applying more than 100 jobs or a long time but no feedback

If you want a copy of the checklist & Zoom link, please help to:

1. Type "checklist" in the comment so that I know

2. Follow Me for more career advice

3. Like this post!

4. Share this post to someone in need!

I can't wait to empower you!

Keith Lau #nextRoles #careers

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