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How to Write Your CV So That You Can Find Your Dream Job?

How to Write Your CV So That You Can Find Your Dream Job?

Leave A Comment "CV" below & I'll send you my best CV Template!

What if you are looking for a new job? But your CV has never been read??

Every time you may compete against 250 other candidates on average.

So learn How to Write A CV even if you have no experience or you are not HR.

My Tips for you:

- Be consistent with your CV layout and choose a great font type.

- Don't pack with text and use some white space, my friend

- Get photos off of your CV and don't use any Tables as well

- Make your CV brief and relevant, within 2 pages if possible

- Add your Contact Information right after your name (headline)

- Remember to have your Personal Profile (or CV Summary)

Another thing, for your work experience & key achievements

HR/Recruiter not really interested in knowing what you did

We want to know how well you did it and what you can offer

Please also highlight your relevant skills that fit with the job requirements.

If you need any help, feel free to send me a direct message, or send me a personalized invite to connect.

What I can do is to help you review your CV and spot out your issues.

Like and Share this post so that more people benefit from it.

Hope it helps! 😊


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