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👉 How to write an EYE Catching CV that helps you❓

👉 How to write an EYE Catching CV that helps you❓

Here are the 10 Professional Tips & Summary: 👇👇

1. Keep it simple in less than 2 pages preferable.

2. Use bullet points for each job responsibilities and achievements, instead of a long paragraph.

3. Have a summary or personal profile section at the top of your CV.

4. Clean formatting, and please use a standard font and size.

5. Mention your LinkedIn URL so that HR/ hiring manager can learn more about you.

6. Try to tailor-make for each job, according to the job description.

7. This is your marketing tools and sales pitch, make sure to have some measurable results!

8. Well structure for each section. Think about from the reader if you were the interviewers.

9. Remove irrelevant, old, and personal sensitive information that is not useful.

10. Don’t use Table, Column, Graphics, Pictures, Emoji, etc.

Anything to add?

I have created an ATS-Free CV Template just for you for Free!

👉 If you want a copy just do these simple steps:

1. "Like" this post and type "CV" in the comment

2. Follow Keith LAU – Your Recruitment Adviser for more Career Advice in the future

3. Share this post to help more people!

I will also provide a 100 mins FREE Masterclass for you!


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