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How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job

How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job

As part of my 30 days program, My video tells you how to fully utilize LinkedIn.

Go to watch it for FREE and 3 quick tips for you to maximize the potential of your Profile:

- Always keep your profile up to date, input everything to become "All-Star" level

- Have a great photo & background photo, fully utilize the Headline & Summary

- Be comprehensive about your skills & highlight your recent work experience, so recruiters can search you by keywords.

I think you need to be active in LinkedIn, perhaps write Articles or posts, and more interaction with other users, more Like, Comment & Shares!

Make a list of targeted companies & people, research the company & interviewer, and particularly find ways to directly approach those key decision-makers.

Connect with your old friends, ex-colleagues, ex-schoolmates, ex-boss, people that you met during a business event. That will definitely help you grow your network!

Finally, you may consider joining some of the LinkedIn Professional group related to your space, Follow some hashtag like #nextRoles, influencer, and companies for more updated news.

Don't forget to connect people that are relevant to you and make sure you have a great profile (that covered in my Day 4)


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