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How to leave a good impression on your Interviewer?

How to leave a good impression on your Interviewer?

There are several quick tips for you and help you to prepare for your next Interview:

- Arrive Early (but only arrive 6-10 mins earlier, and never be late, if you have sudden issues please contact Interviewer as early as possible)

- Dress properly according to the Interview venue and date (you could ask your HR/recruitment consultant before the Interview)

- Plan your journey to the Interview and also take a few copies of your CVs, Photo, ID card, money, reference letter, and education certificates etc

- Practice your self-introduction, common Interview questions, Research the Company, and prepare small talks.. and lots more..

Do you need more information about Interview tips?

We have prepared the Interview Guidebook for you, please do the following:

1) Leave comment "TIPS"

2) Add me and I will send you the link to download

I'll accept anyone, provide FREE career advice and also answer any questions from you.

Looking forward to speaking with you. Cheers!

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Archith Chintawar
Archith Chintawar
Sep 08, 2020

Thanks for the post very useful information

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