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How many times after your Interview but no feedback?

How many times after your Interview but no feedback?

No matter you use a Recruitment agency or not, it seems after the Interview you have no feedback.

What you can do is Follow-up with the HR & the Interviewer directly.

But you still have no reply, so what's wrong with the Interview?

Or there is nothing wrong, just because they are not hiring at all?

Possible reasons below for your reference:

- Your Interview time is too short or usually less than 30 minutes

- Yes, you did not perform well in the Interview, you can't impress and convince them

- You cannot meet with the job expectation & requirement

- You did not prepare well before the Interview & cannot tell people your achievements

- You did talk too much, to just give short answers, so did not build rapport with Interviewer

- You ask improper questions during Interview and/or can't handle objection well.

Sometimes there is just someone better than you, or because of the hiring approval.

So don't take it personally! Try to apply for more jobs. Work hard!

If you want to understand more about the HR secrets & process, I do have a masterclass.

Please do the following:

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- Comment: Masterclass

I'll send the detail afterward.


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