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Hiring Managers & Job Seekers want the same thing!

Hiring Managers & Job Seekers want the same thing!

Company is hard to hire good suitable staff at the right time.

Even during this Crisis, companies are chasing candidates to apply for their roles.

So what you need to do is to understand why they are hiring & exactly their requirements.

Treat the Interview as Business Meeting & Conversation, understand both roles & differences.

Interview connect both parties & it's a Two-Way Street!

Both parties want the same thing, you need a job, company needs to hire!

You are not begging for a job, you have your value that company is looking for..

And you know what, in business world, all we need is communication..

So prepare for your mindset, you are helping them & solving their problems..

Hiring manager's task - Can this guy do the job? Do I want this guy working for me?

If yes, convince the candidate that your company is a good place to work for.

Candidate's task - Do I want to do the job & with this boss? If yes..

Convince the hiring manager you can do it & try your best to move things forward.

That's simple. I do have Email Template & Scripts to help you.

Easy! Just fill-in-the-blanks & apply to all scenarios in the job search cycle.

So you know how to work with HR & Hiring Manger to get hired.

Contact me if you need it!

Keith Lau #nextRoles


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