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Hi All,"Unfortunately, I have lost my job due to COVID-19 and I need to search for new...

Hi All,

"Unfortunately, I have lost my job due to COVID-19 and I need to search for new opportunities!"

If you read such a post 👆 what will you do?? 👇

DON'T THINK too much, just help anyone on LinkedIn!!

What you need to do is:

- Like that Post (so that other people can see it!)

- Leave some positive Comments to motivate & encourage that person!

- If possible, share it within your networks, HR or recruiters who may be hiring...

- Or direct them to career coaches to review their CVs

That's simple! Hope we all can help more people!

I don't want to see this kind of posts anymore, as I always heard from my friends, they are retrenched.

And also I have received 99+ messages every day and people told me they lost their jobs and still finding jobs for many months!

That's not ideal... do you agree?

Understand the economy is not good...

Let's build a positive community and #linkedin family!

We are strong and can help more people!!

If you need any personalized help or career advice, don't forget to:

Or send me a Direct Message & let's see what can I help you!


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