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Have you endorsed or recommended people on LinkedIn?

Have you endorsed or recommended people on LinkedIn?

- No, I never do that

- When someone asked me

- When I need to change a job

- Others (Pls. comment...)

👉 Like this post to claim a FREE Scan and Audit of your LinkedIn Profile.

Honestly, endorse or recommend other people is good for your personal branding!

Of course, this is the social proof so your clients and potential employers can see it!

If you need help with your careers or LinkedIn growth...

I want to provide 2 hours of LinkedIn training to help you!

Please do this:

- Leave a Comment: “LinkedIn” below and your LinkedIn profile so that I can connect with you

- Follow Keith LAU - Your recruitment and LinkedIn Branding Advisor

I can’t wait to share and empower you!

Let’s Win The LinkedIn!


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