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Handle ANY objections? Do you want to know how to do?

Handle ANY objections? Do you want to know how to do?

During the Interview, the Interviewer forms an impression with you for the first 15 minutes.

Because, they have built the mental map for you, so whether they asked you any Questions...

They want to confirm their answer whether is right or wrong, and for more clarification!

So you need to convince them in order to Turn that No into Opportunity or to YES!

Do you agree with that?

How you react, e.g. your manner, your tone, is also important to how you overcome this.

How to handle objections in 5 simple steps here:

1. Listen to the objections, acknowledge it

2. Explore the reasons for the Real concern

3. Empathize and Answer objections promptly

4. Show them the value of your previous work and put forward a plan that helps

5. Check with the Interviewer for the confirmation.

Don't forget to anticipate objections and everything can be prepared, practiced and Learned.

Are you with me? Comment below for your thoughts.

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