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Go back to School! I'm too young!!

Go back to School! I'm too young!!

If you can contribute yourself... What do you want to do in order to help your alma mater?

A) Coach your fellow students and graduates?

B) Work for them as Academic or Supporting staff?

C) Donate Money to help their development needs!

D) Participated in Research Projects or you can Study 1 more Degree!!

Since the Economy is not good, I know some people may also consider studying a Master's degree.

But I do see the Emerging Trend for University to help their students get hired FAST!

They will need a Recruitment Adviser to help their students for Career Coaching.

I'm now helping Undergraduates and Taught Postgraduate Students to improve their Employability.

Besides, I was invited for a career talk at Education University and teach them Recruitment skills.

Help students to understand more about Banking Recruitment and Banking Talent Programme launch this week.

I'm also actively involved in alumni activities and worked as a Student Mentor with HSMC before.

I worked for Lingnan University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) as Director for 5 years already!

Do you want to contribute something to your alma mater?

If you need any more support for your fellow students, let me know!







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