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FREE Zoom Call tonight and Solve Your Interview Problems.

FREE Zoom Call tonight and Solve Your Interview Problems.

Live at 11:00pm via Zoom, I am accepting last-minute registration if you can.

Date & Time: April 18th, 2020 (Sat) at 11:00 pm (HK Time, UTC+8)

I will have a quick presentation on 3 successful ways to get hired first.

Then followed-by Q&As where you can unmute yourself and ask me!

We can be friends we can talk directly and I will provide instant feedback.

Such as any questions from your last Interview, any difficult answers, etc.

Ask me how to prepare for your Interview and excel in the first 15 minutes.

Don't miss this opportunity and I will NOT do it again for free later.

After my 30 days program, all my Group Coaching Call will be charged.

Please "prepare" your questions and register via the Link provided.

If you want to download my Interview Tips and get the Link, please do:

- Comment: "Zoom" below

- Like this post

- Share this post to people in need

- Send me a Direct Message if you are my 2nd or 3rd connection, so that I can reply to you.

See you and talk to you soon!

I hope I can solve all your Interview questions.

And refer to my profile, Like My FB and Subscribe my YT to follow my 30 days program!

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser #nextRoles

#humanresources #management #interviewtips #business

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