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Finding Your Purpose & Self-Development for Early Career Talents

Finding Your Purpose & Self-Development for Early Career Talents

This is Your Journey of Talent Development & Career Happiness

My LinkedIn Live Guest Speaker: Karishma (KASH) Samtani is Talent Development Expert

Topic: Advice to Young People on Self-Development & Set Goals

Date & Time: April 16th 2020 (Thursday) at 10:30pm (HK Time / UTC +8)

2020 is the year to invest in yourself despite the #COVID19 and #Coronavirus

You have to think about yourself, your career & personal growth.

Kash will provide you the tools, her insights & guidance to pave your path towards this!

Join us now to understand your "WHY" & how this can help you find purpose in Career.

Kash has been listed in the Diversity List 2019: Youth to Watch, Top 100 Leaders in Education.

She is a serial volunteer serving marginalized communities in Hong Kong and more!!

She has worked in the renowned investment banking sector with a Recruitment background.

You don't need to register but just "Follow Me" & you will receive LinkedIn notification.

Leave your questions in the comment below, Kash & I will answer you in the Live.

Can't wait for this Thur for the valuable advice & insights during this difficult time.

Looking forward to seeing you Live & help you to Level Up Your Job Search!


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