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During the Interview, the First Question we receive is...

During the Interview, the First Question we receive is...

"Can you tell me more about yourself!"

What IF your answer is... 👇

"My name is XXX, I studied in XXX school, I have XXX years of working experience!"

"I have worked for ABC company for XXX years and changed to XYZ Company, etc.."

HEY!! Wait!! No, hold on, it's too boring!!

And please think about this...

They are asking you "Can You Tell Me MORE about YOURSELF!"

They don't want you to repeat your CV once again.

Indeed, the Interviewer wants to know you better as a person!!

Start telling the Interviewer who you are and something they can remember you.

So today, my advice to you, please start with a different approach!!

OK? Hope it helps!

And do you want to learn more and how to do that??

If you are having difficulties in answering interviews that last good impression...

I do have a Masterclass (webinar) for FREE to talk about the winning formula!!

If you are interested to know, please do the following steps:

1. Write MASTERCLASS in the comment

2. Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser for more career advice in the future

3. Like or Share this post!

I will then send the link & details to you.

Hope you like it and learn 3 critical skills.


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