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Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, what you should do?

Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, what you should do?

How to Turn this Crisis into Opportunity? 5 Ways!

1. Grow/Connect with Your Network

Since everyone is using social media & perhaps quarantine at home.

This is a good time to connect with people & build a relationship with them.

2. Give People Value and Care for them

Not to spread out problems & getting worse of the current situation.

Instead, try to help people to improve their careers, finances, health, relationship, etc.

3. Learn New things rather than Watch TV

Using this time to upgrade your skills & not to spend time on invaluable content.

You can schedule 15-30 mins every day to read eBooks & attend Webinars.

4. Take Good Care of Yourself!

Be healthy. Always wash hands! Eat Well, Sleep Well, and Exercise!

Take care of yourself so that you can take care of your family & people in need.

5. Focus on Positive things, not Toilet Paper

Some people out there may lose their love ones & do not have enough resources.

Don't be selfish to stock your toilet paper or face mask. Better to give than receive!

You can't go to the bank & deposit your toilet paper!!

You have to understand this too will pass & please invest for the Long Term.

Comment below & let me know your thoughts. Stay safe & happy!

Keith Lau #nextRoles

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