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Do you want your resume stand out from the competition? 5 Tips for you!

Do you want your resume to stand out from the competition?

5 Tips for you!

CV is your marketing tool, a company can only rely on your WORD or PDF document to determine whether you are suitable or not, and whether they would like to proceed Interview with you.

1) Include a summary section to highlight your profile. Try to think about how to tell a story about yourself to HR/recruiter/hiring manager within a few sentences.

2) Remove Irrelevant and Old information, Be concise! People only concern about your recent achievements and whether you are fit for the job.

3) Quantify your success, describe accomplishments not Responsibilities. To show your impact on your previous projects, experiences, and use numbers whenever possible.

4) Tailor your resume to those jobs that you are targeting, such as include some key words from the JD and industry related buzzwords, bud don’t exaggerate.

5) Finally, a reminder of the grammatical mistake, don’t overuse fancy fonts & colors. And remember don’t add lots of company logos, or use common templates, publicly available tools to generate your CV.

Keep things professional please! If you need help or advice on your Career, CV or Interview skills. Please leave “TIPS” in the comment, and we will send you a personalized message to answer your concerns.


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