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Do you have a Career Plan B??

Do you have a Career Plan B??

Let's WIN The Career Game with Us!

In this current situation, many things can happen.

Your Job is NOT Safe.

You can lose your job anytime.

If you don't have an Exit Plan, you are in trouble!

You need a plan for yourself and provide for your family.

Otherwise, who will support them?

​​​​​​​Come here to learn from us...

Free 60 mins Webinar by 4 Asia Experts:

Date / Time: June 26th (this Friday) at 9:30pm HKT (UTC+8)

This is a 60 minutes Live Session and share with you the secrets for Career Success!!

You might also have a Surprise with our Bonus!!

Interested to join?? Please do the following for registration:

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for more career advice

- Like this post and then share it to your friends

- Type a Comment: "B" below

Send me a Direct Message and I can also help your personalized career needs.

Complete the steps, we will let you know the registration link, for FREE!

Can't wait to see you LIVE and empower you!

You should also follow my Hashtag #nextRoles and Company Page: nextRoles


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