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Do these 5 things to make YOUR Job Search Effective and Impactful: 👇

Do these 5 things to make YOUR Job Search Effective and Impactful: 👇

1. Believe in yourself and in your abilities. You may be jobless but you are not worthless.

2. Focus on what you can change. Revised your resume. Updated your LinkedIn Profile.

Do courses online. Keep learning and Keep growing.

3. Don't feel shy to contact friends, ex-colleagues. Network is your net worth.

Always build a relationship and trust with your connections.

4. Volunteer - not only will it help others, but it will also fill in the employment gap.

Have some transferable skills, meet new people & do something impact the world.

5. Speak positive words over your life. Visualize yourself in that position. Your time will come.

You just need ONE person to say YES.

If you know someone who is job searching, reach out to them. TAG Them here. Inspire them!

If they share a post, like and comment on it. Let's help each other out.

This is what LinkedIn is truly about. Care for your own networks.

Share this, it won cost you but can help someone.

Do you Agree? 👇

If you need help with your job search, I have an ATS-Free CV Template to help you!

Interested, please:

- Like or share this post

- Comment: "Resume"

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