Did 25 Interviews and No one hired me!!

Did 25 Interviews and No one hired me!! But on the other hand, I heard from my HR friend said Advertised but No suitable one applies to their jobs, they don’t have enough candidates.

What’s wrong? My thinking is…

If you Interviewed 25 companies and did not land a job, probably is your CV and Interview skills. Maybe it’s time for you to learn some career skills.

On the other side, many companies are looking for the so-call “Perfect” candidate, which does not exist in this world. There is just a candidate at the right time.

If you found someone passionate and with the right attitude, it’s good enough and some of the skills can be learned or trained. Why not give them a chance?

Due to COVID-19, I believe there are so many qualified candidates still searching for their ideal #nextRoles. But I still see some jobs re-posted again and again!!


Hiring for Attitude and Give Someone a chance!

Dear HR, Recruiters and Hiring Manager:

I just want to tell you one problem - There is NO perfect candidate!

Don’t let your job advertisements posted and your positions vacant for several months!

Who’s with me??

If you agree, please like and follow: Keith Lau 🔆 Your Recruitment Adviser

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