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Dear #JobSeekers, if you are looking for a job today

Dear #JobSeekers, if you are looking for a job today, some quick tips for you!

✔Here are the things you should SAY to yourself:

"They will hire me, I can do it!"

"I will impress the hiring manager!"

"The next interview will be the one!"

"I just need a chance!"

"Nothing will stop me!"

"I am special and unique!"

"I am offering value to the company!"

"I can have the next steps!"

"This job is perfect!"

❌Here are the things you should NOT say to Yourself:

"No one will hire me...”

"I am giving up..."

"I can't make it to another stage...”

"Perhaps this is not for me...”

"The role is not suitable..."

"Someone else must be better than me...”

"It's normal, again I don't have an offer...”

"I am not good enough and did something wrong...”

"No feedback again..."

Don't be upset, I have a special gift for you, a Masterclass to help you, and the Topic below:

What are the Creative Ways to Change Jobs Without Applying in 2020.

And you will know how you can successfully land your dream job easier and faster.

If you want me to help your job search, please do the following:

1. Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser & #nextRoles Hashtag for Career Advice

2. Comment "Masterclass" below

3. Visit nextRoles page and click the "Learn More" Button


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