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Dear Hiring Managers, Please do NOT take advantage of this current crisis...

Dear Hiring Managers,

Please do NOT take advantage of this current crisis and offer candidates something that is definitely less than what they worth or earned before.

Offer people based on what they deserved and expected to get.

Hiring for attitude and consider the pay level based on their background & experience too.

Offer a fair compensation and market salary, and please respect as well as treat all your employees equally.

Employees are your long-life ambassadors and they will contribute a lot if they are happy and engaged.

This is to time to help each other but not the time to take advantage of anyone; we all suffered from the #COVID19 and economic situation.

It’s always good to show some kindness and humanity! 😘

What are your thoughts? Agree? Comment below! 👇👇

Dear Job Seekers,

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