Dear Hiring Managers, I know you don't like employment gaps...

Dear Hiring Managers,

I know you don't like employment gaps...

I know you don't need candidates over 50s...

I know you don't like people without a degree...

I know you don't prefer little working experiences...

I know you don't like people who need to apply for Visa...

But what if they are a perfect fit with your Job Requirements?

Please do NOT discriminate!

At least give people a Chance to demonstrate themselves during the Interview!

Don't just REJECT them directly, OK??

Job Seekers... can you feel the frustration?

Do you need any help with your Resume to secure more Interviews?

I want to teach you 3 Critical Career Skills!

I will provide a FREE ATS-Compliant CV Template for you, FREE.

Because I see most of the company will have the ATS system to toss your application.

I want to help, empower you, give you the tools to achieve your perfect killer CV!

If you are Interested, please do:

- Just Like or Share this post to help each other in the LinkedIn community

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser for more career advice in the future

- Leave a Comment: CV, so that I know how to send you the link & details.

Send me a DM if you need any personalized career help!

Will send you the link & details.

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