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CV & LinkedIn Profile - What is the difference??

CV & LinkedIn Profile - What is the difference??

Will LinkedIn kill the traditional resume? No! We need both!

They serve 2 different purposes:

CV is a written document summarizing your previous employment history, education, etc.

CV should be tailored towards the particular position you are applying, in other words...

CV is more confidential, contains private info & not supposed to send to everyone.

So you can have measurable results, e.g. budgets you handled, clients you have worked with.

And tell people your achievements by new clients you won, the % of increment in money terms.

LinkedIn is Public, real-time, you can change anytime! So, more Personal Branding!

LinkedIn is a social media platform, you can engage in discussion or conversation with other people.

Also, LinkedIn has more functions, Video, Graph, Picture & Photo (not recommend in CV).

I have a CV Guidebook & Tips for you to build your resume.

You can download it for FREE to your email. Do you want it?

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- Comment: "Guide" & notify me by DM (especially if you are my 2nd or 3rd connections).

So I can reply to you with the link.

Also, I have a Review CV & LinkedIn Profile program for you. Interested, let me know!

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