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CV / Resume Consultation

🕒 As the Year 2020 is coming soon, have you considered updating your resume??

Here are some small and powerful ways to do that.

We estimate the completion time for you is just less than 30 minutes.

Do you think is worth doing this revision?

Making surprisingly impact by:

1️⃣ Add New Achievements and Remove Old Positions (particularly those experience is more than 15 years ago, entry-level roles)

2️⃣ Update the Formatting (don't use the traditional style or any free template anymore!)

3️⃣ Update Your Skills or Competencies, and Check Your Keywords (because some jargon or buzzy words would be no longer existed due to ever-changing economy!)

4️⃣ Refresh Contact Information and make sure it is saved correctly (e.g. have you provide your social media profile?)

5️⃣ Proofread (especially the top half of your Resume), look for particularly the dates or period mentioned in your work history please!

❓When was your last time you did a full review of your resume??

With suggestions from my mentee, we have launched the Resume Editing services, in case you need an expert to review it.

More info:


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