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COVID-19 & #coronavirus may never go away...

COVID-19 & #coronavirus may never go away...

WHO has warned - Even if a vaccine is found, it is hard to control the virus.

Almost 300,000 people are reported to have died with #Covid19, and 4.3 M cases recorded.

How about the Economy?? Extremely bad... the unemployment rate increased a lot!

Politically, every country is fighting for each other, and riots in the USA, etc..

So if business is not good, what will they do? Laid-off, Let-Go, or Termination?

So what can you do? It's not easy to look for jobs!

Are you gonna use the same old method, and still waiting for the HR response?

Are there any other creative ways to change jobs & secure your Interview in 14 days?

Partner with James Fok again, and this is our Third Time! We do love to empower you!

Share with you our 20 years combined recruitment experience to teach you ONE THING!

This will change your life!! Do you want to learn??

We have a LIVE webinar this coming Friday & Saturday.

If you are interested, please:

- Like & share this post

- Comment: LIVE

- Follow Keith Lau & #nextRoles hashtag

- Visit nextRoles, click the "Sign Up" button!

We'll see you & change your whole recruitment mindset!

You are also invited to join our LIVE Mastermind Call on this Sunday, visit this link:


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