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Company HIRE highly motivated people and develop them.

Company HIRE highly motivated people and develop them.

They don't hire highly skilled people but need to motivate them.

If you want to find a job, what you need is... 👇

To be passionate & possesses an excellent 'Attitude'!!

Jobless but not worthless;

Unemployed but not useless;

Terminated but not redundant!!

It's also TEMPORARY & you will find your way to your new "Permanent Job!!"

Please take a break, job search is tedious, also time-consuming!!

Don't burn out and frustrated, take care of yourself!

Self-care isn't selfish; it is essential for you to redefine & improve your career skills!

Learn by experience. Anyone with me??

By the way, Don't Chase HR, Recruiters, or Hiring Managers on LinkedIn who don't respond...

Not worth your time... instead LinkedIn is a platform for you to build a relationship.

Every time someone Rejected you, you are actually ONE STEP closer to a JOB! Correct?

So if you want to learn the best way to approach anyone, e.g. CEO directly...

I do have a 100 mins Free Masterclass to teach you some Critical lifelong Career skills!

Interested, please do:

- Like this post

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

- Comment: Masterclass

Then I'll send the link & details to you shortly!!


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