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Clubhouse sucking your time??

Clubhouse sucking your time??

Do you feel the same? You are not alone!!

Did you spend several hours but nothing... it's a very common problem!

A lot of people work really hard to achieve their traffic and sales goals.

They want to have a personal brand and grow their followers.

Same as LinkedIn, they start posting but FEEL it's hard, and nothing happens...

However, what they get after chatting with people?

Might be about 50 followers and 1 or 2 Instagram leads come in...

But it is a great way to do business? Yet is the time ROI worth it?

I've seen business owners became too addicted to #clubhouse

However, their business isn't much better off from it.

You can suffer from burnout, frustration, etc...

So the key is: We need to make a massive difference.

We need to provide value and really helping your clients.

We can definitely leverage Clubhouse & LinkedIn correctly.

If you want to make some impact on the world and become Thought leaders!

I have 2 hour of LinkedIn Training to teach you strategy and help you grow...

Interested, please let me know by:

- Like this post and comment: LinkedIn

- Follow Win The LinkedIn

We hope to help you to achieve your goal and use a little extra effort only!!

Let's talk and send me a DM!

Keith LAU - Your LinkedIn Branding Trainer

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