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Cheat Sheet to Build an All-Star LinkedIn Profile 💡

Cheat Sheet to Build an All-Star LinkedIn Profile 💡

Your profile strength will increase, the more content and profile completion.

If you want to have 40x more likely to get contacted... 👇

8 Key Components to amp up your profile:

1. Profile Photo

2. Industry & Location

3. Summary

4. Experience

5. Education

6. Pictures and videos

7. Skills & Endorsements

8. At Least 500 Connections

Bonus Touches - help you to reach All-Star rating:

- Customize your URL

- Ask for Recommendations

- Stay Active, POST something!!

Did you know an average of 45 million profiles is viewed each day?

Your Profile a digital representation of your story and professional experience.

If you need help, follow Win The LinkedIn and attend our 2 hours of FREE Training!

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Position yourself as a subject-matter expert and forge a meaningful relationship!!

Keith LAU - Your Talent and Business Winning Partner



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