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Can't Imagine I am Writing a BOOK!!

Can't Imagine I am Writing a BOOK!!

I can't stop after I've finished my "30 Days Get Back to Work" Program.

I am summarizing all my contents and hope to transfer my brain and knowledge to you!

How to Find Your Ideal #nextRoles in A Month!!

This self-help guide book will have so many HR concepts that can help your job search!

Comment below & let me know your feedback? Do you want it?

Here is the Table of Contents for your Preview:

- Copyright Page

- Foreword

- Introduction

Chapter 1: How to Change Careers

Chapter 2: LinkedIn Profile, Tips & Strategies

Chapter 3: Creative Ways to Change Jobs Without Applying

Chapter 4: Ultimate Guide for CV Preparation

Chapter 5: Secure an Offer in Interview & the Skills

Chapter 6: Negotiate for the Best Offer and Handle Counter Offer

Chapter 7: HR Process and HR Secrets

Chapter 8: Onboarding and things that you need to know

Chapter 9: Conclusion and What’s next?

- Further Resources

The value of this book is more than USD297.

If you want to READ My Book for FREE, please do:

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for Career Advice

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- Comment below: BOOK

I will then let you know further details afterward.


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