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Can I tell you what is the fastest way to secure an interview?

Can I tell you what is the fastest way to secure an interview?

Well, before I tell you, make sure you can keep this secret...

The answer is: 👇

Directly approach the CEO!

Yes, it's 100% works!

(Learn from my 100 mins FREE Masterclass if you want to know more~)

Why? This is Because The CEO is the one who makes all the decisions!

Your next question to me is most probably, "ARE YOU SURE, Keith?"

Yes, Why NOT?

CEO is just a human and you can connect with them on LinkedIn!

Don't forget... If you can convince the CEO to give you a chance to be interviewed...

Then your chances of getting hired are super high!!

The second question you may ask me is, "How to approach The CEO?"

You don't need to worry at all, my friend!

In my Masterclass, I will be teaching you all the strategies and the tactics!

Also, this is Only One Tip of all my Series of Tactical Workshop!!

Will be LIVE starting this Friday and have more Career Strategies to share!

Want to learn more? Please do:

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- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser for more Career Advice in the future

I will then send you the link & details!

Talk soon, I can't wait to empower all of you during my FREE Tactical Workshop!


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