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Benefits of working with a Recruitment Agency?

Benefits of working with a Recruitment Agency?

A great recruitment agency will be able to help you to revise your CV & strengthen your Interview skills.

Other benefits:

- Receive support & guidance from experienced consultants, have some market updates or intelligence

- More tailored job search as you ride on their network & relationship with their clients

- Gain more insider information about the company, what's the team & the culture look like, and why such a role existed.

- Receive feedback to know the whole HR process

- Free of charge for candidates, and match with your job nature or industry, if they specialized in your space.

- Also, if you are a contractor or looking for a flexible working arrangement, they can also help for planning your career development path and introduce you to various clients that are working now

What are the tricks to approach them? I've revealed in my Video :)

- When you email them, mentioned you are referred by others

- When you call them, mentioned your company name

- When you meet them, exchange more market information

If you need help on personalized career matters, welcome you to start a relationship with me either with my Career Assessment Program or schedule a 25 mins Quick Phone Consultation.


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