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Monday, who wants to go back to work?

Monday, who wants to go back to work?

Especially today, heavy rainfall in HK.

So after Sunday family day, I realized I want to spend more time with my loved ones.

The only reason I go to work because I want to provide for my family...

Who's with me? Comment below!!

Perhaps you want to make a change & do something great!

Perhaps you want to start your own business & earn more money!

But the economy is not ready, your CV is not ready and you don't know how to pass ATS...

Partner with James Lee - Fortune 500 MBA Coach

We are having a Real LIVE Data as Demo to teach you:

- To edit your LinkedIn profile to pass the ATS

- To edit your CV to pass the 6 seconds from the HR

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Live Demo by Keith & James 🎖️

8 June 2020 (Monday); 9PM Singapore time (UTC+8)

Sign up (SGD$19.99):

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Live Mastermind Call Coaching Framework🎖️

9 June 2020 (Tuesday); 9PM Singapore time (UTC+8)

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After that, you will know how to apply for your jobs & get higher chances!

You will have your career clarity, CV ready & better LinkedIn personal branding.


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