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Are you ready for interview?

Are you ready for interview?

"My phone keeps ringing."

"HR called me for interview tomorrow."

"I am not prepared well, the interview just 1 day notice."

Is that situation sounds familiar to you?!!

Last year, you sent out a lot of applications.

No one called you.


Covid19, all hiring frozen.

This year, the HR retrieved your CV, called you, asked for interview a.s.a.p.

HR told you that this hiring is very urgent.

Because of 1 year freeze, the company is not running smoothly.

That's why you are wanted very urgently.

BUT, you are asked to attend by tomorrow.

It's been a year you seldom attend any interview.

You are happy, BUT nervous and stress.

You know that you couldn't afford to fail.

ALWAYS, the opportunity is ONLY available to those who prepared well.

▶️ Join Keith LAU on 14th Jan, 9:30pm (Hongkong time), he will do a LIVE Demo of Interview.

✔️All the tricky questions will be answered.

✔️All the behavioral test questions will be exposed.

✔️All the honesty test questions will be revealed.

Register now 👉Pls PM for details.

Follow #nextRoles, Keith LAU and James Lee


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