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Are you looking to perfect your Interview skills?

Are you looking to perfect your Interview skills?

So that you can impress potential employers??

We will tell you the Formula and structure to…

Handle and Tackle all your Interview questions…

Even Tricky, difficult, or behavior-based Interview questions.

We will provide you the framework and LIVE Demo to help you!

We will provide advice for the 10 common Interview Questions.

We will share everything we know with you in 2-hour!!

If you want to know how to Ace the Interview…

If you want to prepare well for your next Interview…

If you want to excel in the first 15 mins. of your Interview…

If you want to get your dream job in only 1 attempt…

If you want to make a good impression on the hiring managers…

If you want to help a smooth Interview process...

If you want to learn these lifelong, critical career skills…

Join us and learn the best practices from James Lee & Keith LAU

Date / Time: Jan 14 (Thursday) at 9:30 pm (HK Time; UTC +8)

Interested to know more and enroll, then please do:

- Comment: “Interview” below

- Follow Keith LAU – Your Recruitment Adviser

- Like & share this post

Send us a Direct message if you need any other help!

Visit nextRoles for more Career Advice in the future.


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