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99% of You Will Ignore This in 2021~

99% of You Will Ignore This in 2021~

LinkedIn's Algorithm is Always Like This - "Engagement"!!

This means in your post👇

You need a CTA (Call for Action) to...

- Drive CLS (Comment / Like / Share) and Ultimately...

- Attract people to send you a Direct Message (DM)!

8 Tips for you to BOOST your LinkedIn Post Views 👇

1) Write a relatable story

2) Anchored on a hashtag

3) Share some quick tips!

4) Add value to your target audience

5) Start a poll or ask questions

6) Give something for FREE

7) Share your opinion or personal experience

8) You may also tag your friends, if you wish!!

If you want to learn how to consistently make your posts "go viral"...

There are a Strategy and 5-Step Winning Formula from me...

I have 2 hours of LinkedIn Training to help you with Branding & Monetization.

Interested to learn, then let me know by...

- Follow Keith LAU - Your LinkedIn Branding Trainer

- Leave a Comment: "LinkedIn" below

- Like or share this post



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