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95% of you will Ignore This in 2020 - Win the Career Game!

95% of you will Ignore This in 2020 - Win the Career Game!

You need to invest to move in the right direction and learn how to play this game!

Why 95% ignore? Because typical online sales are only 5%, only 5% will Take Action!!

If you want to secure your dream job offer in 21 days!

If you want to secure more Interviews & learn from 4 recruitment experts in Asia.

If you want to know the ONE winning formula during this Crisis..

Come join us! Our May 21st Live Event (with 90 mins) at 9:30pm (HKT; UTC+8)

And you KNOW in your heart:

You have the skills & abilities to add value to the companies you've applied to.

If ONLY they would give you a chance.

If ONLY they would just call back.

But how would you get hired when there's a sea of applicants?


We are coming together as a new force, new approach, new idea to provide you a FORMULA to secure an offer within 21 days.

Interested, please do:

- Like & share this post

- Type: "I AM IN" in the comment

- Follow: Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for more career advice

- Register: nextRoles, click the "Sign Up" button!


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