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8 Reasons for an Updated LinkedIn Profile for Job Search 👇

8 Reasons for an Updated LinkedIn Profile for Job Search 👇

1. Position your promise of value to your target employers!

2. Attract recruiters and hiring managers to come to you

3. LinkedIn constantly adds new features and tools

4. Networking uncover leads and stay top-of-mind with other users

5. Updated profile provides critical "social proof"

6. Match the keyword of Employers you are targeting

7. Ensure you are an industry expert or thought leaders to stand out from the crowd

8. Strong LinkedIn profile indicates you are social media savvy too!

So today, please update the content there, including your...

Responsibilities, achievements, contributions, and training, etc...

If you need help with your careers or job search...

What we can provide:

- 2 hours of LinkedIn Training for branding & monetization

- I can also Quickly Scan and Audit your LinkedIn Profile

- FREE Resume Cheat Sheet and 100 mins. Masterclass

- ATS-Free CV Template & Cover Letter Template

Interested to receive the details & link, please do:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your LinkedIn Branding Trainer

- Like & share this post to remind others to update their profile

- And leave a Comment: "REVIEW" below so that I know how to connect with you!

👉 Let's Win The LinkedIn!


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