7 Things you have to do before you are considering leaving your current job.

7 Things you have to do before you are considering leaving your current job.

--> Don’t quit if you haven’t secured any offer yet and Don’t quit your job without a plan.

If you plan ahead, you will be able to leave on good terms with the company.

1 - If you are considering to leave.. Think about your future or ideal nextRoles, where you can find it?

Take actions! Update your resume and LinkedIn profile, get someone to recommend you from your teammates or clients

Prepare your portfolio or presentation materials to show your work and achievements

2 - If you resigned already.. Make a list of what you do on the job, and help to ensure the transition goes well.

3 - If you are about to leave.. Remember to thanks everyone that you worked with and be humble to keep in touch with them

4 - If you left your company.. Do not bad mouth your company, the people you work with or the management, people do not like the negative energy you have

Also, keep in contact with people that you know, exchange information and understand what’s happening in the market

How about you? What will you do? Please do like or comment, so that more people benefit from the content.

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser


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